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Canada Spouse Visa

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    Canada Spouse Visa

    Canada spouse visa or spousal sponsorship is a pathway for Canadian citizens or permanent residents planning to sponsor their spouse to come and live in Canada permanently with them as a Canadian permanent resident.

    In Canada, the people and its government believe that family is the root of any stronger society, and they should always be together. It is why a spouse visa or spousal sponsorship is considered the topmost priority in Canada.

    Canada is a perfect place for people looking to live a luxurious life while enjoying all the social and medical benefits as Canadian citizens.

    Canada spousal sponsorship is a category of the Family sponsorship program. Candidates who receive sponsorship from their partners become eligible to live, work, and study anywhere in Canada.

    Canadian spouse visa can subcategorize into the following:

    Outland sponsorship: It gets applied to the candidates whose partners reside outside Canada.

    Inland sponsorship: They get applied to candidates whose partners stay together in Canada with them but on a temporary Canadian status.

    Rules for spousal sponsorship in Canada

    Candidates planning to immigrate to Canada through the Canada spouse visa or spousal sponsorship program must follow basic and essential rules.

    Firstly, the candidate can only get sponsored by a permanent residence visa holder or Canadian citizen. Secondly, the sponsor and the sponsored person must be 18 years old to be eligible for the spousal sponsorship program in Canada.

    Eligibility requirements for spouse visa

    To be eligible for sponsoring the spouse under the spousal sponsorship program, the candidate must be :

    ➤ 18 years or above in age.

    ➤ The sponsor must be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.

    ➤ The sponsor must have clear police and criminal history and not have attempted any serious offence.

    ➤ The sponsored person must not have come to Canada as a sponsored spouse in the last five years.

    ➤ The sponsoring person should not be getting any social assistance (except for disability).

    ➤ If the sponsoring person is living in the province of Quebec, then they must fulfil all the Quebec requirements for sponsorship.

    ➤ The sponsoring must prove that they can afford to provide and fulfil the basic need of the sponsored person (spouse).

    Processing time for Canada Spouse Visa

    The processing time for a Canadian spouse visa differs from country to country, but the estimated processing time for a Canadian spousal visa from India can take about 12 to 26 months

    Documents required to apply for Canada Spouse Visa

    Following is the list of necessary documents required to apply for a Canada Spouse Visa:

    Relationship: The candidate should provide proof of relationship to the person sponsoring the applicant.

    Document of translation: The candidates should provide translations if their certificates are not in English or French.

    Police certificates: The candidate needs to provide a police clearance certificate of the country they currently live.

    Medical certificates: The candidate has to take a medical exam and submit the medical certificates.

    Photographs: The candidate must submit two recent-size pictures with the accompanying family members while applying for this visa category.

    Requirement of IELTS for Spouse Visa

    Candidates do not require to submit IELTS exam results to apply for a Canada spouse visa, however, if the primary applicant wishes to include their spouse while applying for Canada PR. They get extra immigration points for the IELTS results of the spouse.

    How to apply for a Canada Spouse Visa?

    The application for the Spouse visa can divide into the two steps:

    ➤ Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada can sponsor their spouse to come to Canada.

    ➤ The spouse or common-law partner can apply for permanent residence.

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