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Canada Tourist Visa

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    Canada Tourist Visa

    Canada Tourist Visa or Visitor Visa is an official document authorized and issued by the Canadian Visa office. Canada has become a dreamland for various travellers who love to capture nature's beauty. Canada has many historical sites and is a multicultural country that attracts most tourists.

    Tourist Visa demonstrates that an individual is eligible and has met all the requirements to enter and move across the country as a temporary resident, and that's why it's also called a Temporary Resident Visa.

    Types of Canadian Tourist Visas:

    Single entry visa: A single entry visa gets issued to a candidate for six months.

    Multiple-entry visa: A multiple-entry visa gets issued to a candidate for up to 10 years or one month before the visa expiry date.

Who needed a Canadian Tourist Visa?

An individual need a Canada Tourist Visa for the following reasons:

  • Travel and relaxation Purpose
  • For meeting family, friends, and relatives
  • Business Purpose

Candidates planning to take a trip to Canada or meet their family or friends in Canada, or a business meeting requires a Canada Tourist Visa.

Requirements for Canada Tourist Visa

Canada Tourist Visa requirements are as follows:

  • Passport
  • Medical proof of good health status
  • No criminal record report
  • Proof of documents to prove that you'll come back to your native country and have a permanent job.
  • Proof of funds
  • Travel Plan

List of required documents for Canada Tourist Visa

The list of binding documents required for a Canada Tourist Visa is as follows:

Passport : A valid passport and other documents are needed to apply for a Canada Tourist Visa.

Photographs: An individual applying for a Canada Tourist visa should have two recent passport-sized photos.

Proof of Funds: Proof of fund document states that an individual can support their family economically during their trip to Canada.

Cover Letter: A cover letter or a declaration written by the candidate to the Canadian Government explains why they should grant the visa to the candidate.

Invitation Letter: Individuals travelling to Canada to meet their family, friends or relatives have to submit a letter of invitation.

Visa and documents: The candidate should download the visa application from the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) official website and needs to submit all the required documents.

Trip Plan: An individual must submit a travel plan telling the places they will go, air tickets, travel routes they are using, etc.

Memorandum of Association Document

The candidate should submit a Memorandum of Association and other documents.

Proof of Documents

The candidate needs to submit proof of documents to the visa officer to make them believe that they will return to their native country and travel to Canada only for travel purposes.

The list of proof documents is as follows:

  • Employment Proof: The candidate must submit an employment proof document to state that they are a permanent employee of a company, working at a particular position and returning to the company at the expected date.
  • Proof of lease: The candidate must submit a lease or property documents to prove that they will return to their country after their trip.

Application Process for Canada Tourist Visa

An individual can complete the application process for Canada Tourist Visa in the following ways:

  • To begin with the process, the candidate should choose their desirable mode of application, either offline or online mode.

  • After choosing the mode of application, the candidate should fill out the application form and all the other details.

  • After filling out the form, they should pay the visa processing fee.

  • Then the candidate should visit the nearest Canadian visa application centre with all the essential documents like passport, photographs, etc.

  • Then the candidate should provide their biometrics and photographs.

  • The candidate should visit the Canadian application centre to submit their visa application form.

  • Get the receipt of the unique tracking number from the application centre.

  • The candidate can now check the status of their application with the help of the unique tracking number after finishing all the above processes.

Processing time for Canada Visitor or Tourist visa

It takes 10 to 15 working days to process the Canada Tourist visa application.

Not included in the processing times:

  • Time for providing biometrics
  • Application send between VAC and visa office

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